Sunday 27 May 2018


Somewhat tired!

These are my 6 grandchildren eating together in Edinburgh.  Yesterday.

Today my 3rd daughter travelled up to us with two of the grandkids.  My only granddaughter and her brother.

The Haar never left the beach.  We left our house in bright and warm sunshine and this was what we found.

Didnt bother the kids.

Our Grandaughter found a crab.

Albeit dead.  So she gave it a sea burial.

The Gull Gang through the mist.

As we were having dinner the granddaughter said "There is a Hare."  And there was a Hare.  In the field.  Amazing.  Thats three sightings for me who has never seen one so close.  Wow.

And not long after that the granddaughter and the daughter gave a brilliant Karate demonstration.  

I would not like to meet either of them on a dark night.

Family.  Wow.


Chris said...

You are truly blessed.

Terra said...

That was a fun outing and the karate demonstration makes you think twice about walking down a dark alley, unless you know karate of course.

DUTA said...

Priceless family pictures!
Very impressive karate demonstration by daughter and grandaughter!

Sue in Suffolk said...

I can see why you might be slightly exhausted!

When I drove to the car boot sale yesterday morning 3 Hares went across the road, numbers do seem to be good this year.

Jo said...

What a lovely family you have. It's funny how the weather can be so different at the coast than just a little further inland, it never seems to bother kids though.

Anonymous said...

our kids and grandkids bring so much life to our dAYS,, i AGREE, THOSE TWO COULD BE A FORMIBLE FORCE!!!!