Friday 25 May 2018


Must be getting on an even keel at last as I am now planning.

I have wallowed in self pity for long enough.  So CAB have a drop in so we are off next week.  Will find out what the next step is, and if I can apply for funding or do I just get on with getting a person to come and help me wash.

Also getting in a garden design person to point us in the direction of making the garden more maintenance free and enabling me to move around it.

We were at a meeting this afternoon planning for the annual visual art exhibition.  Yesterday I decided to resign as secretary, today I managed to offload some tasks, but am still planning (suggesting other people do stuff , rather than me volunteering.)

After that - the Prom.

Heck of a lot of seaweed, which I am advised is the result of trawling breaking up the kelp.

The Gull Gang.

Having a drinking session.

Back home a sleepy pheasant outside the shedudio.

And the first fledgling Blackbird(on the right) makes an appearance being fed by Mum (on
the left.)

Later as we ate dinner we watched the advancing Haar spread over the outside .

That is forecast to burn off and give us another sunny, warm day tomorrow.  Should be conducive to my mood to do some more planning.


DUTA said...

Good thinking about the garden! You should have done this 'yesterday'. There comes a time when one needs to place oneself at the very top of the agenda.

Catriona said...

Good plan to make the garden more accesible for you. The weather is good for us all, Jill with long light filled days. Hope you can get advice about how to get some personal assistance. Happy weekend.