Friday 11 May 2018

High Tea.

I did not post  a blog yesterday as I was at the Fraserburgh Photographic Society's annual knees up.  Which is at the Leisure Centre.  High Tea.

High Tea in Scotland.  To start with there is toast, butter, jams.  Then you are served the main course, for me it was Scampi, salad, chips. The DP had steak pie, boiled potatoes and veg.  Then you get fancies, cakes, etc.  Really strange.

The best part is meeting up with lovely friends and having a laugh.

Then it is down to the board room and an airless room where we view the prize winning photographic images and clap a lot.  After a while I cleared it with the DP that I would go home in a taxi. Struggling to breathe in the airless room.  To leave him to enjoy the evening.  Unfortunately not one taxi firm was interested in taking me home.  So I sloped off and sat outside the airless room everyone else was in.

This space is usually the indoor bowling.  This is what I sat and looked at. 

Not impressed.

I do not think I will be going back next year.

Today. Well - really windy, so no walk.

Bird watching .

Female Pheasant having a dust bath.

Our High Tea this evening was roast beef.  No toast, no cakes.  Almost back to normal.


Jean. said...

Certainly does sound strange and rather too filling. It's like having breakfast followed by dinner then back to teatime. Still, each to his own tradition. What a pity about the taxi. Places like that can be stuffy at the best of times, suffocating for those without breathing problems.

Chris said...

I guess High Tea is different from Afternoon tea. I went to a Royal tea yesterday (to celebrate the upcoming royal marriage) and we ate around 3:00 p.m. We had finger sandwiches, scones and jam (no cream) and "petit fours" (little cakes) and LOTS of tea! We all wore our fascinators!!

DUTA said...

Good food, meeting up with friends - not a wasted day.
Getting a taxi could be difficult sometimes.

Susan Heather said...

I don't know whether I have commented or not as it suddenly disappeared. I was saying that I wondered whether the toast and jams before the meal was like the Yorkshire Puddings before the roast designed to fill you up before the main course. It was a shame that none of the taxis would take you home - what happened to SERVICE.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame not been able to get a taxi, spoiling what sounds like a wonderful get together with friends.