Tuesday 1 May 2018

Vitamin Sea.

Just have to have it!

Today was the last of the steroids and tomorrow is the last of the antibiotics.  I know the infection has gone, but you dont want to know the details of how I know.....

When I spoke to my pulmonary physio on Monday he said it was fine to restart my pulmonary exercises on Thursday, so I will.  If that does not sort out my breathlessness then I will have to stir up the Doctor.  I am not ready to go yet.  Dutha - I have recently discovered this treatment you mentioned, and its a strong possibility, if I do get a consultant appointment I shall certainly be asking about it as it ticks a lot of my boxes.  Thanks.

Mamamercantile, yes I am able to do a telephone consultation with the doctor.  But I need him to listen to the chest.

The Sea and the Sea Birds.

Masses of Herring Gulls today again.  The tide was almost at high tide, and as the waves rolled in

It was almost as if the Herring Gulls did not want to get wet!

As the waves rolled in up they went.

A very enjoyable walk with lots of salty, clean air inhaled.

Cannot beat vitamin Sea with the add ons of entertaining Skurries.


DUTA said...

I like your attitude. Good Luck!

crafty cat corner said...

Keep going and remember the better weather should be here soon. Tom isn't so good when its damp and windy.

Anonymous said...

amazing photos of the birds in action!! I always enjoy your photos,, and speaking as an asthma and chronic bronchitis sufferer, I know exactly what you mean about knowing the infection has cleared,, lol,, yup,, I know lol,, its all about the color ,, lol,,,enough said!!!