Thursday 17 May 2018

Thursday .

Later than usual for my walk up and down the Prom.  Tide still well in.  Herring Gulls doing a lot of nodding, which is presumably some sort of social interaction, or maybe partnership bondings?  

Surprising to some there are Jackdaws down on the sea edge feeding.  

I love the way they walk.

I was a bit later as I had an appointment with the Nurse Specialist.  Turns out my pressure sore is infected.  As my right lung does not work hardly at all I always sleep on my right side - so have developed a pressure sore on my right ankle.  So a mountain of antibiotic cream has been applied and a plaster and somehow I have to keep it on til next Tuesday. When I have another appointment.  

No pressure there then.

A Lesser Black Backed Gull saying hello to himself.

Anyone who gardens, or scoots past with a chariot like me, cannot be unaware how this year things out there are very different.  We have never seen our clematises have so many buds/flowers.

Seven years we have lived here.  Apart from the archway we have planted the two on the fence/border.  The one on the archway was here but has never shown anything other than the one feeble bloom.  This year they are all wow to go.

The Rheum Palmatum brought with us from the last house are going great guns.

And I discovered these today.  Jessica, please tell me these are not American.  But proper Bluebells.

Another success is the Thrift planted last year and spreading.

Thursday a positive day.


janipi said...

I have noticed that the clematis around here are covered in flowers. Maybe the later Spring? Those look like native bluebells to me. I love to see them in the local woods. Your foot looks painful. I hope it improves soon with the antibiotics. Around here a local folk lore saying was that a walk in the sea cures all ills. We live as far away from the sea as you can get :)

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to hear about your sore, hope it heals quickly. Beautiful clematis, what a joy to see it flowering so beautifully.

Jean Ellen said...

those of us in the States call them Spanish bluebells, but lovely by any name. Hope your ankle heals quickly.