Tuesday 29 May 2018

Cats and kids.etc.

Sith cat and grandchildren.  

Sith is an old man.  

Our last family visitors had my grandson who is nearly two.  He loves Sith and Sith was so patient with him.  "CAT!  CAT!"

Once grandson was shown how to stroke his head (and ignore the back end. ) All was good.  Sith purred.  And carried on with his routine.

 The grandson visiting for the last few days has a total meltdown when he sees a cat.  Screams to set your teeth on edge.  Sith coped admirably.  He very calmly left the building.

Family have left now.  Just after lunch.  Sith returned to our bed and has been zonked for hours.  Then this evening back on the DP's knee and all is back to normal.  That cat is amazing.  My ears are still ringing.

So the roadworks were supposed to start yesterday.  The road has remained open .  Workmen appeared this morning and proceeded to give our neighbour a kerb, digging a trench round his verge.  They thought the signs on the road were where a sign should go saying Men Working. (MW.) Still confused.  But we could take the shortest route to the Prom.

Still hot but no Haar.

And no wind.  So a gentle amble was lovely.

In to the Shedudio.  Open doors, and both opening windows.  The view through the door - I love Alliums.  The clematis over the arch in the background.  Just lovely.  Deafening noise from all the birds now with fledglings.

Later the sunset.

It is just after 10 p.m. now and we are shrouded in mist!  Haar will be back tomorrow then.....


Jean. said...

Awww, poor Sith, being screamed at. About seven years ago my beautiful black boy was in his igloo, he was 9 years old at the time, sadly no longer alive. He was the sweetest, most tolerant and gentle cat possible. Friends were visiting with their little girl and I took her into the conservatory with her mum to meet Foxy. She looked into the igloo and let out a squeal of delight. Foxy had nowhere to go, but it wouldn't have mattered, he looked a little surprised but then just looked at me and purred. My ears were in a state of shock ! :-)

kjsutcliffe said...

Our cats are allergic to children and always retire to the safety of the airing cupboard.
Love the view from your studio xxx

Chris said...

Glorious sunset photos Jill!

DUTA said...

Sith is a very well mannered cat! I like its quiet, noble reaction to the little boy's screaming.

Bovey Belle said...

Cats are remarkably tolerant aren't they? I bet Sith was glad to get the normal peace and quiet restored again though (you too I expect).

I am with you on heat and high humidity and not breathing well. Here I've been having fun and games with pollen levels (apparently only medium yet too), so a short course of steroids has been necessary. I am trying to be proactive and have just taken delivery of two sorts of masks - one soft sort I can work outside in and printed with silly smiles so I can wear out to town if it gets very bad next month. The other is a proper respiratory mask, high grade, so I can hopefully continue to go out and walk in June (when I normally have to hide inside).

What are you painting at the moment? Are you still working on the Shag painting?

The Weaver of Grass said...

No cats now. Grandchildren all grown up. Weather quite cool here in the North East but plenty to do.

janipi said...

A very dignified response from Sith. He deserves a stress free sleep in the sunshine. A glorious sunset picture.