Thursday, 31 May 2018


This photo, taken by the daughter who visited this week, made me smile.  There I am walking along the prom, with my sun 'lid' on in the Haar!

It took almost all of today to lift.  Our road which I use to go to town/Prom is still closed.  The work men still spending more time just looking at the ground a lot and not doing anything.  Locals have been driving up, moving the road closed sign, driving through, replacing the sign.  Its a farce.  I drove the long way round following the detour signs, as there is no way I could move the sign.....

As you can see it is still murky.

Later in the afternoon the sun came out.

Sith cat snoozing on the patio.

New visitors to the garden, a pair of Yellowhammers.

My second daughter moved house today, in Edinburgh, when they arrived at their new abode it was to find the previous occupant still in there..... Their removal people refused to deliver their stuff as the previous occupant was still in there!  It got sorted.  So you hand over your keys and then think you can sit there with, apparently a mountain of house plants, waiting to be collected by your partner or whoever in a house that no longer belongs to you??  Unbelievable.

No painting today.  Not feeling 100% the last couple of days.  Not sure why.  

Better tomorrow, as is the weather forecast.


Chris said...

Keep well, Jill. Hope your daughter finally got moved in, especially if the movers were charging by the hour!

kjsutcliffe said...

we had a similar problem when we moved to the house where we live now. We had to be out of our old one by 12pm but were held up by the occupants in our now new house - they had not taken out all their furniture. So to speed things up, my husband and his uncle helped take out the larger pieces so they could be loaded by their helpers into the van. Having done that, their helpers drove off leaving my two to then unload our van into the house on their own.
In the mean time the purchasers of our old house were outside waiting to come in and the new woman screeched constantly that I had to get out - I was on my own, a toddler and a baby with a mountain of boxes.

Swing for it missus there is nothing I can do about it - I am having a brew and feeding my baby.

Sue in Suffolk said...

The joys of a house move - yep know all about it. Hope to stay here for a Very Long Time!

Sandi said...

I love these beach shots!

I am your newest Follower.