Monday 21 May 2018

A new week!

Another Sunny, warm day.  

I did my exercises this morning.  Result.

I went to the Prom. Result.

Above the sea you can see the Haar.  Sea mist.  

This large boat with the electronic radar whatevers is a bit hazy as the camera picks up the Haar.

The Gull Gang.  Lots of Lesser Black Backed Gulls. Herring Gulls and

Oystercatcher having a bath.

As was a Jackdaw.

A small Yellow Lobster boat.

Back home I spent most of the afternoon 

Drawing this....

From a photo by Les Park.

I think I did it.  Result.

So - all in all a good day.


janipi said...

I agree. A very good day. So much beauty all everywhere you look.

Susan Heather said...

I knew you would

mamasmercantile said...

A good day indeed, always good with a little sun to brighten our days.