Friday 18 May 2018

Friday fun.

Another Sunny day. 

I did my pulmonary physio exercises this morning, apart from sit to stand, I could feel me bones disintegrating......right hip creaking. Sod it.  Ankle plaster hanging on by a thread.

Managed to get to the Prom.

 Herring Gulls gather at the Kessock Burn, where it enters the sea.

Lobster boat returning to harbour.

Back home, and into the shedudio.

And here is Dyson with his harem.  I thought, hoped, the females were all sitting on eggs.  Every other bird in our garden are frantically feeding themselves at the bird feeder and them zooming around collecting grubs and insects to feed their young.  But no, this lot wander in and feed, and snooze.  

We still have the pair of Grey Partridges visiting too and again no sign of any nesting.  

On Sunday there is to be a 'Bird Race' by local bird watchers and our garden may well be visited. It is a timed event and who sees the most species in that time wins.  So 'our team' fingers crossed.

As we have Lesser Redpolls.


And Siskins.  And all the rest.


rusty duck said...

Good luck with the Bird Race. I inadvertently disturbed a female pheasant today, not on a nest as far as I could tell. But what a racket. And I thought the males made all the noise!

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to hear they are not sitting on eggs, a little disappointing. Good luck with the bird race.