Thursday 24 May 2018

Thursday This and That.

Thursday.  The DP was away very early with his bird watching mate towards Aviemore and the search for a Wood Warbler.  Success.

I spent the morning catching up with paperwork for tomorrows meeting for our big exhibition in October.  

I also  paid for the double glazed windows and doors that are to be fitted to the shedudio in about two weeks time. Exciting!  

The Haar is back along the horizon.

Herring Gulls, with one 'showing off'.

Lobster Boat.

Back home and painting.

These three are all on prepared canvas.  I have an exhibition looming, whether any get finished in time.....  I have three framed pen and ink ready framed to go though.  Most of my work is being exhibited for two months at an internet cafe in town.  Commission from that goes to the charity who run the shop and train adults with special needs.

That is dependent on whether any of mine get sold!


janipi said...

I’m sure some will be sold. It is hard to resist not buying when you see something that would look good in your home. An Internet cafe will get a lot of people browsing your work.

rusty duck said...

Of course they’ll get sold!!!

Chris said...

Think big. Maybe they will all go!