Thursday 3 May 2018


I am breathing.  As in normally for me.  So what happened?  I am beginning to think the antibiotics etc make me worse than I am.  I stop taking them - and I can breathe????  Yesterday I was ready for marching in to the doctors and asking "How long have I got?"  Today, I did my pulmonary physio exercises, fine.

So - to the Esplanade/ Prom.

Lovely day.  A breeze, a bit cloudy, not too cold.  Perfect for a stagger along the Prom.

Watching the Lobster Boats return to the Harbour.

Plus the Triffids on the horizon.

No idea - can only assume something to do with oil rigs?

When I first saw the Jackdaw I thought "Oh God, its eating plastic."  It was tearing bits up.  But as it carried on I realised it was gathering nesting material, and actually doing a beach recycle of rubbish!

See the pale bits?  Well that is the sand, just shows how clean the water is.

Back home, pair of Lesser Redpolls.

Pair of Siskins.

Bit more on the Avocet.  

Tomorrow I hope my delivery from the SAA  and from Amazon will launch my creativity into the stratosphere, along with my breathing. 


The Cheat said...

The 'Triffids' could be the basses for offshore wind turbines.

Susan Heather said...

Love the variety of birds you get in your garden.

mamasmercantile said...

Glad to hear you are breathing a little better. A joy to come along with you on your stroll, always something different to see.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Every time I 'walk' along your beach and see your bird life up there I get more and more envious.

Rosie said...

I m so pleased you are feeling much better, and as always I enjoy your walk on the Prom.