Monday 28 May 2018


We do not have bank holidays in Scotland.  Perhaps the banks do.  But the rest of us do not.  Nor do we have school holidays.  Schools break up for the Summer holidays soon.  Took a while to get used to all that difference when we ran the bed and breakfast.

Very warm today.  I struggle to do anything physical when it is warm as my breathing is affected.  

We went to the beach.  I got as far as the railings and after some deep breathing of sea air returned to the car.  The Haar was rolling in and out.

You can see the Haar on the horizon.

The Gull gang in the mist.

A more graphic illustration of the Haar rolling in and out is the photo of the 'Golden Horn' at the entrance to the harbour.  As the Haar rolled in....

And then rolled out.

None of which bothered this lot.

Back home it was so hot I opened doors and windows in the shedudio and just sat.  All artistic creations were done by these two.

They are back to Edinburgh tomorrow to stay with eldest daughter, then back down to Lincoln on Wednesday.  Phew.  Been good but I am exhausted!  


Chris said...

The grandkids seem to have inherited your artistic talents.

Anonymous said...

they will long remember their visits, what a wonderful place to come to!