Thursday 31 October 2019


No reaction from the Shingles jab.  I am still walking.  The nurse did say if there was to be a reaction it would be within five minutes of having the jab so we had to sit in the waiting room for 5 minutes.  

It being a Thursday an evening alone.  Photographic Society weekly meeting tonight.  But I have my wine and Classic FM .

This morning the DP was at a funeral.  One of the long standing members of the Photographic Society.  We were both pleased to see his black suit still fitted.

After lunch we went to the Prom.

Bitterly cold.  Some sun.  Not much wind but cold.  This suitably spooky looking black dog was in and out of the water.

A deserted beach almost.  The car  park was almost empty too which I have never seen before.  No picture, who wants a photo of a car park?

Tide on its way in.

Two small boats inning and outing.

Back home and now time to prepare the Shedudio for the Winter.  Wood burner every afternoon is lit now.  Today out came the daylight bulb lamp.  Not only cold but darker to be addressed.

And applied paint to the pup.

The photo I am working from.  Not easy as I have no idea what the back legs look like!  But she has got me back to painting.  I think I will request a better photo!

Bit of a struggle today.  Very breathless.  Battle on.


Jules said...

A woodburner is a welcome sight on a chilly day. I hope tomorrow will be less of a struggle for you. X

kjsutcliffe said...

That pup is gorgeous - you are correct about the feet - it is going to be a large dog!
Glad you got your arty mojo back xx

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Love the puppy picture. The woodstove always looks so cosy - I would move into the shedudio!

crafty cat corner said...

The dog looks like an Hyena. lol

Jackie said...

I am glad there was no reaction to the jab. Your studio looks very inviting and your painting is coming along wonderfully.

God bless.