Friday, 25 October 2019

Anxiety is the pits.

A nearby village's health centre has a drop in for counselling so after today I am definitely dropping in.

The DP has arranged to buy a second hand car from a garage and collecting tomorrow.  So I did the BACS transfer for the purchase of and nothing happened.... So I contacted the bank.  Which is an internet bank.  The response I got back was totally unrelated to my wanting to sort out the payment transfer.  So immediately I went into a downward spiral.  Internet banking is fine until you want to sort something out NOW.

So we went to the Prom.

On the horizon was this.  Prince of Wales Aircraft carrier.  No idea why it was there.  It is new.  It went back the other way.  Again no idea why or what it was doing.  

The Gull Gang.

I walked but not as far as yesterday.

An Eider Duck surfing!  Eider Ducks supplied your eiderdown with down = feathers.

As we are now heading for another tilt of the Sun or the Earth never sure which it is the Sunset is now more to the left of where it has been.  This entails going outside and I don't do that.  So the DP took this.  Sleep well all.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

Another wonderful sunset. Hope you can get the anxiety under control - the drop in sounds like a good idea.

Helensmum said...

I have complex health problems and I was referred for online CBT.its brilliant and teaches one how to reframe wonky thinking. For example,I've had kitchen sink problems,the world may as well spin off it's axis! But I now know how to reign it in.Ann Marie

Jackie said...

Sleep well, and I hope you don't feel as anxious tomorrow.

God bless.

Bovey Belle said...

(((BIG))) Hugs dearie, and chin up. I hope that the Counselling helped. Sometimes we get a "low" over our health and it is so hard to shake off those scary and gloomy thoughts.

Glad you managed some sea air and I hope you got the Internet banking sorted out,. Of course, my kids all use it but OH won't have any truck with it (not trust t'internet) but of course, all the banks are closing and expect everyone, even those too old and frail to get to banks, to toe the line and use Internet banking (even those without computers or mobile phones . . .)

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending huge hugs. When I have to deal with the bank, I play patience on my laptop. It distracts me enough to stop my mind churning and gives me something to do while I'm on hold.

Good luck with the bank x

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog ! Seeing the Prince of Wales is crazy !! I looked it up and it says , doing maneuvers in the North Sea ! And you saw an Eider ! I will never see either of these . I live in Pa , in the USA .

take care , be well ! Love love reading about you ! Barbara