Saturday 12 October 2019


In the morning the DP was away to buy bird food in bulk and some rat poison.  Its that time of year again.....

On his journey he stopped to capture these Whooper Swans in a field just up our lane.

In another field were some of the thousands of Pink Footed Geese we get every year.  Mixed in are Barnacle Geese.

He managed this shot before a couple walking their dog in the same field caused them all to go......

So much for giving wildlife a wide berth.

At the other end of our lane is a field full of sheep with a few orange ones!  Apparently they could well be dyed.  All the Rams?  To stop Sheep Rustling?  Any ideas?

The DP off and away on one of his photographic jaunts in the afternoon.  A nearby farm with woods and fungi.  He loaded me into my car first and off I went to the Prom.  I walked.  

Pleasant weather.  Sunny, little wind.  Beach, small boat, and Gulls having a bath.

Later we had yet another fantastic sunset.

And a Harvest Moon Rise.

I love living where we do.


Chris said...

Good on you for your trek up the prom, Jill! The harvest moon is spectacular!

vic said...

Oh, what a gorgeous shot of the moon!

Makes me think of George and the Giant Peach somehow. Maybe something similar was on the book jacket of that book?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the orange sheep - yes it will certainly be dyed.
I didn't realise you had a daughter living in Lincoln. It is my birthplace and I went to school there.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Very strange about the orange sheep. I know they dye them at Henham Hall where the huge Latitude Festival is held in August.

Good moon photo - too much cloud here to see it

Jules said...

We have a few orange sheep around here. I don't know why, but they make me smile. X

Susan said...

Sheep are normally coloured for the sales. It is meant to help enhance their good points