Sunday, 6 October 2019

Windy again.

Torrential rain all morning.  The DP had to go out in it and check the gully that the council are supposed to clear and havent done since before 2016.  I checked my emails.... and another one sent.  This means our garage floods and our house nearly floods and would not if the gully which drains into the field had been kept clear.

The wind, I guess it must be the tail end of the hurricane from somewhere, meant I struggled to get of the car on the Prom without the car door bashing me.  Got to the railings.  Then back to the car.

Note the ruffled wind blown feathers on the nearest Oystercatcher!

Still beautiful.

My facial bruises are fading, though I think I will have a scar over the eyebrow.  Scarface Jill.  Ha.

Big day tomorrow.  DP is 71, Grandson Theo's birthday too and our new Grandson will appear.

Tonight we had a sunset.

At the front of the house the moon rose.


Jean said...

We didn't get the forecast rain here just wind but probably not as windy as the prom.

crafty cat corner said...

The bruising is taking a long time to go isn't it? but it's looking better.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Looking so much better - another week might just do it. Happy birthday to DP and grandson. It has been quite mild here today but we have had flood warnings for the cottage - I have visions of it floating off into the sea...after the caravan!