Sunday 27 October 2019


Weather appalling today.  Howling winds and rain.  Upside was I got an extra hour in bed.  Clocks going back as they did I awoke and I realised I did not have to get up for another hour.  However the cat does not understand.  So I had him whingeing at me for the whole hour and beyond.

Once up I checked for devastation from the wind outside (through the window) there was none.  

We decided to do the Prom.  There was blue sky.  The rain stopped.  Though the wind still blew.

I leant on the railings.

Then the rain fell.  A lot of rain.  So I went back to the car.

Photos taken through the windscreen.  Last one is a Rainbow......

So no walk today.

But there was still a sunset!  Although the DP had to walk up our lane a bit to capture it.  After the solstice the earth has moved again which I can never get my head round.  So the earth has tilted.  And the sun sets in a different direction.  Ah nature we never get bored with your antics.  So now a period of very dark nights that start early.  Okay they may finish early but I wont be up then will I?

I'm with you Crafty Cat Corner.  Night all.

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crafty cat corner said...

I think the prom looks good in any weather. I love ours on windy days with the sea lashing the shore. Likewise here with the cats, I wish they would get to grips with these clocks and leave them alone.