Saturday 5 October 2019


Horrible weather.  High, strong wind.

The DP was away on a photographic jaunt in the afternoon.  So a solo trip to the Prom.

Walked from the car to the railings, minus chariot, and took some pics and breathed some sea air.

As expected not many others around.  

People or birds.

Back home I managed to feed the birds outside the Shedudio but every day now a real struggle to control my breathing.

Later Skyped eldest daughter and youngest Grandchild, for the moment.  Then checked in with daughter number 2 who Monday hopefully presents us with our 7th Grandchild.  

So too much to think about so a short post.  Have a lovely weekend.


Jackie said...

It must be getting very close to winter, the beach is deserted. But I bet the fresh air was wonderful.

God bless.

busybusybeejay said...

Let us know about the baby.Boy or girl,name,weight etc and a photo too,if possible. Bx