Sunday 20 October 2019

Sunday again.

The monthly pill.  Write off the rest of the day....  Hour before breakfast with lots of water.  This pill contains the active substance Ibandronic Acid which may reverse bone loss blah blah.  Along with everything else I have Osteopenia which means I am more prone to bones crumbling and have already had a fractured spine and crumbling bits which is why I am now 4 feet 11 inches instead of 5 feet and 3/4 inches.  Which I had been for many years.  

So still managed the Prom after lunch.

Here is the tide coming in.  Turn the sound on.

Tiger Hill and a few walkers.

Kessock Burn.

The DP did his usual collect of rubbish, plastic and glass bottles, disposable cups etc.  But some rubbish was too much for us.  Mostly Marine rubbish cast over board which is bad.

Couple of kite surfers.  You can just see the actual human surfer on the first one.

And on a family note my third daughter playing football against Notts Forest who I believe are professionals  whereas Newark that she plays for are not.

My daughter is the blonde in the middle grimacing.  The score was 13 - nil.  Being shoved by the Notts player.  How dare she.

Sundays hey!


Chris said...

Sounds windy on the Prom.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Love the sound of the sea - we are just on our way up to Scotland so will be hearing it for myself.
All that rubbish is terrible - I hear though they are making carpets from some of the sea rubbish.

Jackie said...

I take a pill once a week for my osteoporosis. I used to be 5' 5" and now I am 5'4".

God bless.

Susan Zarzycki said...

Love your pictures...your daughter is involved in a rough sport!