Thursday 3 October 2019


Been a struggle to get warm today.  

We went to the Prom and I walked.  But I was so cold I turned to walk back and got in the car.

The Golden Horn and Tiger Hill.  One on the left and one on the right.  Tide coming in.  So cold.  I walked and then back into the car.

Back home the Shedudio Stove was sulking due to damp wood.  Gave up in the end and returned to the house and put the central heating on.

Our daughter due to give birth Monday was sent to hospital with high blood pressure.  They gave her medication which brought it down and she is now home again.  She has to return Saturday for a check.  All been very worrying.  My anxiety affects my breathing.  I shall be glad when/if we get through the weekend and Monday.

Back soon.

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Chris said...

Fingers crossed for your new grandchild's safe arrival and your daughter's health. I'm sure it is very worrisome waiting to hear. It is cold here too but as it is set to warm up a bit over the weekend I am trying to tough it out without turning on the heat.