Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Mental Health.

So today I went to the Prom.  A solo trip.  Weather beautiful, what a change.  No wind, sunny, still cold.

I had a short walk.

I then drove to a village near to where we live to their Medical Centre.

Inside of which is Shirleys Space.  On a Tuesday they have a drop in from 10 til 4.  So I dropped in.

The Medical Centre is fairly new.  It has doctors, nurses, a chemist, a cafe and a gym.  And Shirleys Space.  

I was offered coffee, tea, cake but settled for water.  Interviewed by a counsellor who extracted more out of me than I realised was happening!  I am still trying to assimilate it all.  But I have been offered a place on a course for Cognitive Behaviour.  Possibly November but if fully booked will be January.  So a step in the right direction.  Most parts of my body now being dealt with. Not sure there are any more bits to drop off.  I am shattered.

And finally tonight's sun heading to set at 3.30p.m.


Chris said...

Looks like there's lots going on at Shirley's Place. Is there an actual Shirley? I wish we had something like that here but my local Senior's Centre has quite a few drop-in programs.

marlane said...

That is an amazing looking building !!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful place.

The sea looks so blue today.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

That's an amazing looking heath centre - with lots of good facilities. Hope the earlier CBT course has room for you to join.

The waves on the sea look more inviting than your pictures last week. Although No good for surfers I guess

Bovey Belle said...

Hoping you can be fitted into the earlier CBT course, but glad they are there to help.

We have a perishing wind straight from the Russian Steppes here,. Hope you aren't sharing it!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope you get some help from this.