Thursday 17 October 2019


Not too keen on Thursdays as in the evening the DP goes off to his Photographic Society.  We dont have a log burning as I cant manage to keep feeding it.  I dont watch the tele as what we watch we do together.  So here I am on the lap top.  Listening to Classic FM streamed through the tele.

Earlier we went to the Prom.  Amazing weather again today.  Sunny, no wind.  Walked.

The Chariot does not do sand.  So I walk on the hard surface of the Prom.  But there were others walking on the beach.

But I get a good view of the sea.

Today one of the biggest fishing boats was away out.  

There are fleets of these boats.  Owned by one or two fishing families.  Rich fishing families.

A smaller boat too.

A bit of painting.  

A cloudy Sunset.  Beautiful.

These lambs have been reared by my friend and neighbours 10 year old son.  These are the last lambs and are away to the market tomorrow morning.  He will then have the funds to buy new ones .  He is a hard working loon (young man) so I hope he and they do well.  

Tomorrow my hairdresser visits in the afternoon.  I am going red again.

Have a restful night.

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busybusybeejay said...

We need to see photos of the new hair colour.Very brave going for red!