Friday, 18 October 2019

Stir crazy.

One of my night time trips to the loo I saw sheet lightning then the deluge began of rain, non stop rain.

Floods everywhere.

The photos were taken later in the day.  Everything still wet and dripping.

So no walk today.  No visit to the Prom and no visit to the Shedudio.  Havent left the house.

My hairdresser came in the afternoon.  I had my carer this morning so clean from head to toe now and hair back to red.  I took the photo after the hairdresser left.  It has continued to become a darker red.  Love it.

No way am I ready for a purple rinse......

When we moved here we inherited interior doors that were the horrible Sapele 

So we had them replaced with these.

Which allowed light into the inner hallway and the rooms.  But the door handles, which to be fair our then joiner warned us about,  have become inoperable in some cases.  The most important one the  door without the glass behind which is the bathroom and I have not been able to close it for fear of being stuck in there for ever.  Another one became inoperable today so I messaged our now joiner, who came out.  He fixed the bathroom door and is sending pics of suggested replacement handles for 7 interior doors with the iffy handles.  And I asked about replacing the bath panel.  Due to me having my hair washed by carers and hair dresser I lean over the bath so the plastic bath panel is now cracked, presumably from my knees and unsightly. 

 In the bathroom we have those panels not tiles so our now joiner reckons he can get the same panel and cut it for new bath panel.  Bored yet?!  If it all works out wonderful.

Fingers crossed.

Whatever the weather tomorrow I am off out.  Not only stir crazy ever so slightly mad.


busybusybeejay said...

Love the hair colour!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hope you get out tomorrow - you need to show off that wonderful red hair! Mum had the same problem at her apartment block with the handles - many of the oldies kept getting stuck in their rooms. She never closes the doors when she is there on her own - very wise.