Friday, 11 October 2019


My carer has told me that Anxiety is part of having COPD.  This morning I knew the DP had a planned trip to Aberdeen.  On reason was to replace his lost hearing aid..... and also to trawl round garages for a replacement car for him.  So what do I do?  Have a panic attack.  How bloody stupid.  

Later we went to the Prom.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the North East of Scotland and hardly anyone there.

Big boat.

Little boat.

Not many photos as I frequently end up chatting.  This chap has bought at least two of my paintings!  Hence my open mouth surprise at him telling me so.  A connoisseur !

Tonight's amazing Sunset.

Looking forward to Consultant appointment on 23rd of the month and removal of anxiety issues.


Jackie said...

You live in such a lovely area of Scotland.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Sorry about the panic attack, hope you were Ok afterwards.

Your sunsets are always glorious

Christine Hancock said...

Beautiful photos as usual, hope that panic attack was just a one off.

Lyssa Medana said...

Your paintings are awesome, he is indeed a conoisseur. Panic attacks are awful. Sending good vibes.

Beacee said...

Panic attacks are so-and-sos aren't they - and there's nothing you can do. Sending a hug xxxx

Jean said...

Sunsets are amazing and yes I would love to walk on that beautiful beach. Hope the anxiety calms down.

Bovey Belle said...

There is a man with Good Taste Jill!

Sorry to read about the panic attack - I've had them in the past (one when driving on the M25 and I don't recommend THAT as a life experience!) I used to take Passiflora capsules which calmed me right down.

Lovely photos of your sunset btw.