Thursday 10 October 2019

Mixed bag of today.

Weather okay today.  So we went to the Prom.

First the DP took Sith Cat for his annual jabs and general check up.

Seventeen year old Sith.  And yes that is my side of the bed.  He has lost a bit of weight.  So he is back in a month to be re-weighed.  He is fed on demand and he demands a lot, supplemented with the odd mouse.

The Prom.

Sea and the Gull Gang.

The Beach and Tiger Hill dune in the background.

Lots of boat activity.

Took me a while to realise that Makfort was towing Golden Dawn back into the harbour.

DAVANLIN appeared to be on manoeuvres .... out and round and back in again.

Daughter and Micah now back home and getting into a routine.  In Scotland every newborn gets a box full of stuff for newborns.  The box itself can be used as a cot.  Herewith.  Micah getting sun therapy through the window.  He was a tad jaundiced.

Tonight is the Photographic Society so I am on my own - well with Sith - snoring.  Classic FM playing and as I cant manage to load up the wood burner due to sore rib still, liquid gold (oil) is providing central heating.  Bit fed up.  Seen a rat today so the DP has stocked up the poison boxes.  There was me thinking I think I will do a painting.  Aye, my artistic intentions disappeared at sight of Brown rat.....

Mixed bag of happenings - ups and a down.


Bovey Belle said...

Sith looks very relaxed after his check up.

It looked a bit breezy at the Prom today, but blue skies not to be sniffed at (have just seen the forecast for the next week and more and it's rain all the way . . .)

Micah is an unusual name. Bet not many other babies share it. I hope the jaundice is soon gone.

Sorry about your sore rib and having to use the oil heating . . .

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Cats have a charmed life and so much sleep. Your newborn is so gorgeous and what a good idea with the box.

janipi said...

I heard about those boxes. A useful idea. A gorgeous baby. I really like the name.