Friday 4 October 2019

The days ahead.

Are mainly medical appointments.  The joys of being old and decrepit.  Today I booked the flu jab for the DP and myself.  Opticians for me.  I have the chest consultant towards the end of the month.  Hopefully one of them will get me sorted.

We went to the Prom as always.  Which does help.

The Kessock Burn carves out a different path to the sea.

Oystercatchers have a paddle.

Tiger Hill.

A Snail on one of the concrete 'benches'.  I left it there and then worried whether I should have moved it to somewhere it could eat?

The boat here is in the lift of the dry dock.  Could be being repainted or repaired in some way.  Always amuses me to see the big boats above the caravan park.

Our flag which we are very proud of.

Also indicating the direction of the wind - off the sea so no escape.  Wasn't too bad today.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  Became very excited at this rare visitation of Long Tailed Tits!

The day was rounded off with a beautiful sunset.

Our daughter goes for a blood pressure check tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be fine and we are all set to meet our new grandchild on Monday.  I might be able to breathe again after that.


Ellen D. said...

Congrats and Best wishes to you and your new grandchild! Hope all goes smoothly for your daughter!! How exciting! Thanks for the wonderful pictures you post each day!

Jackie said...

It always looks so serene at the beach. Your photos are lovely.

God bless.

M McCarthy said...

New reader, here. What a great group of photos. I love the “long tails”. Is that your bird feeder?

Jean said...

Hope all your appointments go well. I have to book flu jabs for us. I love the long tailed tits.