Monday, 14 October 2019


Very pleasant weather at the moment.

Prom visit after lunch.

Lots of boat activity today.

It is half term here in Scotland.  In Aberdeenshire we are having the Tattie Fortnight.  In days gone by the kids would be out digging up potatoes.  Now done by machines.  But we still have two weeks.

Looking at the beach most people go away!

Flu jabs Wednesday.  Hair colours Friday.  Not much else happening.  So I wont bore you any longer.  Night.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

No preaching today I see and still such a blue sea.

Chris said...

I have been digging potatoes for a couple of weeks now, just enough for my own consumption. Today was our Thanksgiving and I had enough potatoes from the garden to make roasted potatoes for 9 people. They were very good!

Jackie said...

Just look at all those different boats!!

God bless.

Jules said...

Please send some of that blue sky this way. X