Wednesday 2 October 2019

The Wind Won.

Awful weather.  High, strong winds and lashings of rain.  I took myself off to the Prom as it didnt seem fair to the DP if I was just going to look and open the window.  But when I got down there the rain stopped.  So I did get out of the car.  The chariot and I went to the railings.

No Surfers today - or anyone else.  Quick chat about it being cauld with a dog walker.  A Poodle which danced as they do.  In a warm coat.

The wind was there though and stopped me from walking.  Then it felled the chariot.

I drew the line at that and we got back in the car.

I have a friend and fellow artist who usually visits me on a Wednesday. The DP had baked in preparation.  Then half an hour after she is due to land she messaged to say she couldnt make it.  She does this occasionally.  Surely she knows before then......  Hey ho.

Got my letter through today re seeing the chest consultant.  End of the month.  In between I have to have a flu jab.  The DP has to take Sith Cat for his jabs and check up.  I also have to make an optician appointment. Which I am sure he said see you in two years and its only one.  Seem to come in threes medical stuff for me and the cat.  

Next week may be an exciting one.  DP's birthday and a Grandsons.  Also the arrival of our Seventh Grandchild.  So a bit of a stressful time.

Sure I will survive.  I survived the wind today well almost.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

Shame your friend couldn't make it or let you know sooner. We are going to see old friends near Settle tomorrow - can't decide on a choice of 3 routes. Has been calm, dry and sunny here - lovely day. Will send the better weather up to you if you send some of DP's baking down here!

Jackie said...

I hope that next week goes smoothly. You get to celebrate a great many things.

God bless.