Saturday 26 October 2019


After some pratting about with online banking I finally got a message relative to my problem,  The BACS transfer had not gone through so the DP went and bought the car using his debit card.

Basically its a Renault. Dachsia.  Sitting on the drive til Monday morning when the DP does what I told him to do on Friday - like tell the insurance people.... Three years old and much lower mileage than the previous.  Also 4 doors so can get the Chariot in that one as well as mine.

So in my car we went to the PROM.

Paddle Surfers.  There were three but this one was the best.

I walked.  My usual distance.  It was bitterly cold which does not help the breathing.

Lobster boat.

A few dog walkers on the beach.

At the other side of the beach were Oystercatchers.  A Redshank and a Turnstone.

Now all the hassle is over I am feeling better.  Now I have to just get used to the clocks going back an hour!


Jackie said...

The water does not look as rough today.

Nice car.

God bless.

Bovey Belle said...

You had SUNSHINE! Our turn today and very welcome after about 36 hours of heavy rain. Our river was up and hopefully swept the dead sheep downstream (it had been lingering since the last heavy rain 3 weeks or so ago).

Glad you got the payment sorted for the car . . .

Fishcake_random said...

The car sounds like a good investment. Glad you'll be about to get out and about with the chariot in it. Take care x x

crafty cat corner said...

I just wish they would leave the clocks alone, it annoys me so much. Not so bad in the Spring but I hate the October change.
Glad the cars is sorted. Small things that used to be handled so easily become a challenge when you are older and don't feel the ticket don't they. We are the same.