Wednesday 16 October 2019

Moving on up.

Bloggers are amazing.  Such supportive comments.  A better day.

The DP and I both had our flu jabs and have been booked in for 2 weeks time for the Shingles jab.  Whereafter we might feel unwell as it is a live vaccine.  Anyone else had it?

After the arm punctures we went to the Prom.  It was wet.


Rock Pipit on the beach.

Back home wet outside.

Cosy inside.  And no rat.

So I drew a rabbit with a mouth full of grass.

Then in the evening - a Sunset.

Night night.


Susan Heather said...

I had the shingles with my flu jab six months ago (prior toour winter. No problems at all.

Chris said...

I had no reaction to the shingles vaccination. It's a good idea to get it as shingles can be nasty! I have had a mild dose (before my shot).

Jackie said...

Bet that fire was nice and warm after being out in the wet.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope the weather today is a bit better.
Rabbit with grass looks interesting

Penny said...

Not sure where you are but here in Oz I had a shingles shot and 2 years later got shingles. Was told it was only 60% affective. Sorry.

Bovey Belle said...

Looking at your lit woodburner with envy (ours only being lit when it gets chilly and it's been reasonably mild still). Cheers the room up though.

Glad it sounds like the Shingles jab isn't one that has a big reaction.