Sunday, 31 December 2017


The last day of 2017.  

I do not intend to do a round up of all the doings and achievements of 2017.  

Suffice it to say that I am still here, so is the DP, and all our kids, their partners and their kids, and not to forget their pets.  That is achievement.

The weather forecast was all doom and gloom.  However.  I went.  No wind, no rain, was fine.  So I walked.

On the horizon a boat that would have taken out a container to one of the oil rigs.  Hope they get back to harbour in time for the festivities.  Scotland shuts down for the next two days.

A Black Headed Gull was the only bird on the beach.

Home again and to the shedudio.  The wind had begun to pick up and gust as I returned to the car.  

I did another pen and ink Oystercatcher.

Making a collection!

When I returned to the house I noticed strange cloud formations.

On the horizon is a Rainbow Cloud.

 And in the other direction a beautiful sunset.

A satisfying end for Nature for 2017.

Onwards and upwards 2018.  


Simple Living said...

All the best for 2018.

Chris said...

Always an achievement to see it through to another year! All the best to you both in 2018.

justjill said...

And to you and yours.

DUTA said...

Your idea of achievement is correct.
Nice drawing of the oystercatcher!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Onwards and upwards indeed Jill.

kjsutcliffe said...

Never seen a rainbow cloud - rather beautiful. Here is to 2018 x