Wednesday, 13 December 2017


We still have snow lying.  The roads are mostly clear although there are still wheel furrows on our lanes.  Joy of joy the Esplanade was clear.  Whether by nature or the cooncil I know not, but it was clear.

Tide on it's way in.

Not a human or dog in sight.

Plenty members of the Gull Gang.

Drinking and bathing.

Feather sorting and reflecting.

The DP came with me today.  And took this photo.  Lost my energy !  Picture tells it all!

I have done my pulmonary physio exercises today. Tick.  

Sith cat has had his gallop round the house.  When the weather is bad he manages to get out for his comfort visits, but takes his exercise indoors which is him thundering round the house attacking non existent spiders half way up the walls and generally being hilarious to watch.

The DP and I have begun to watch taped Grantchester.  So far so good.  I also have the Two Cellos taped and indulge every so often...


crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for introducing me to '2cellos' brilliant.

Chris said...

Are the gull gang impervious to the cold? Wish I could have seen Sith cat dashing around the house!