Monday, 1 January 2018


Where was Storm Dylan?  Not here.

First day of 2018 and the sun shone.  Not much wind .  Bitterly cold, but then it is Winter.

Surfers sat and waited for surf.

This is Tommy.  Tommy's owner walks him down to the beach occasionally.  Tommy's owner wants me to paint his portrait.  I took photographs of Tommy.  He is a fat pony.  Very friendly.

And quite a poser.  

If he had wings and only two feet I would be more optimistic.  But then I have done horses before.

But Tommy is a small, fat pony who just - well stands there.  Hey ho.

I was asked by one my followers whether we had a New Years Day Swim.  Well, no.  We like to be different in Fraserburgh.  We have an annual swim across the harbour, on Boxing Day, December 26th.  Raising funds for our Lifeboat.

My friend B having done it!

So now we are into 2018.  The DP cooked up an awesome Lobster Neuberg for our dinner.  He is amazing.  We also had Guacamole for a starter.  So I am stuffed.

A Sanderling.  These are really small birds and I have yet to see them in real life.  I shall keep looking.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Love shaggy faced Tommy - looking forward to seeing his portrait :) We have had waves of showers, sleet and rain - *yay* Happy new yearxx

Chris said...

Good for your friend for taking the Boxing Day plunge. Our Polar Bear swim had to be cancelled this year as the lake was a sheet of ice! Today actually got up to minus 9C.

DUTA said...

The pony is very cute (in his last picture). The swimmer looks cute too, with the open mouth indicating the effort and the coldness of the water.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and DP from a very soggy Central Scotland. Lovely photos as always. Catriona

BadPenny said...

Your horse painting is amazing but Tommy would need longer legs x