Saturday, 16 December 2017

My beach Fraserburgh.

Two weeks ago a lifeboat was washed off a dive support vessel owned by Subsea during extreme weather conditions. It was discovered about 100 miles away from Fraserburgh and towed towards Fraserburgh by a fishing boat. Just before it entered into the port the rope broke and the life boat ended up on Fraserburgh beach. This morning at first light our relief lifeboat, RNLB Macquarie, went out and recovered the lifeboat off the beach and towed it into the harbour where it was lifted out of the water. Job done.

The life boat is a relief as our main one has gone off for some upgrades and servicing.

The life boat getting into position and the tow rope to be attached.

Job done.

Of course I missed all this.  It was done as dawn broke and before the tide turned and took the thing back out to sea.

However I did get down to the beach today.  Drove through a hail storm.  Wind was strong.  And it was so-o-o cold.

By the time I got down there the tractor tyre tracks had been washed away and the wreck had gone too.  Into the harbour and lifted out.

But as usual - a surfer.

And masses of Oystercatchers.

My walks are getting shorter.  But  it is still a walk.  I cannot honestly say I am enjoying the walks at the moment.  But I feel so good once they are over! this link.  Quite a few are a) in Fraserburgh  You will have to copy and paste, I am no good at links.....

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, now part of Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh.

Or nearby.  Just up the coastal trail,

Crovie, pronounced Crivie.

Also The Bow Fiddle Rock in Cullen wee bit further on up the coastal trail.

Am I not so lucky to be living here.


Chris said...

Indeed you are lucky to live in such a spectacular spot. I have a relative who lives in Red Deer but I have never managed to arrange a visit. Now you are tempting me but I won't come in winter!

DUTA said...

Lovely colours, except in the second picture where the sky and the sea look ominous.
The sunset is stunning!

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos again, love the birds. I am glad you are still getting out, but it looks so cold and I can't imagine being out in it. It's never that cold here where I live in Adelaide, South Australia.