Monday, 18 December 2017


Our internet is yet again on the blink.  So slow and keeps being not there.  Fed up to the back teeth with it.  Ours is via BT which we were told some years back by a BT engineer its down to the ageing telephone wires wafting in the breeze, and cold, and ice et al.  The government promises we will all be on fast speed broadband.  But we are still too far away from where there might be fibre optic so we have to put up with this stressful and annoying non service.

However at the moment I am connected.  

A different weather day today.  Little wind, not too cold, no sun, so off I tootled.

The Kessock Burn entering the North Sea.  The tide is going out.  But not a Sea Bird in sight.  All still out at sea.

The Dunes.  The largest is called Tiger Hill.  Reasons for this name are cause of many an argument as to why it is called that.  But it is.

 The surfer of today.  He was very good, but this photographer was not.....

So I managed a walk and the weather being kind I enjoyed it.

So it is nearly Christmas.  When we start to get parcels and we have no idea who they are from.  Via Amazon the DP is fortunate to have received a bottle of Laphroaig Whisky.  Via Amazon and we have no idea who sent it.  Now I know Amazon are quite capable of putting in a gift card with who said gift is from.  Presumably sender had had a few glasses and ignored that.  Who knows.

I dont want to appear ungrateful but I am a grumpy old woman and the box that said wine contained bottles of beer.  The DP has benefited again as he will drink anything.  But on his shopping trip today which includes Lidl he saw these 'exclusive beers' in Lidl at £1.75 a bottle.  Which is considerably less than whoever paid for the box of!  I hate Christmas.  Such snobbery for a box from the Wine Experts whoever when you could just make your own box from Lidl.  Sorry.

Our kids have got money.  Grandkids the same.  That way they get what they want/like still wrapped and under the tree by respective parents.  The DPs brother and sister and my brother will be getting something created by me.  All wrapped and posted.  Each to his own.  I have created many magical Chrsitmases over the years.  Now I haven't got the energy.  Especially after doing battle with the internet.


Lynda said...

"Little wind, not too cold, no sun..." Sounds like my kind of day :)) xx

BadPenny said...

I'm sure you have made many magical Christmasses. One year I felt so low and tired I decided the tree was dressed in just lights. It was so pretty ! These days Jess does the tree.
How maddening to get gifts without a sender and no red wine for you !

kjsutcliffe said...

Our internet is s***e too. We are supposedly on 'superfast extra wide uber fantastic' (not) and we still have rubbish service, it drops, has slow down loads etc. We actually got an engineer out who took one look at our address and shook his head saying that sections of our village are classed as 'rural:poor service' Gee thanks for nothing :(

Fishcake_random said...

I wonder what the true story is about Tiger Hill. Sounds like it could be interesting to research x

Born and Bred said...

I thought you were contemplating signing up for a wireless internet connection?

Sue in Suffolk said...

I wouldn't mind a few gifts from amazon ....but would rather have books than wine or beer!
as for the surfer brrrrrr!