Thursday 7 December 2017

Caroline is staying with us

until Sunday.  

The wind speed went up to 105 mph before the holder of the instrument recording lost his hat and then his glasses.  This was at the top of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse today.  To see the full and funny video go to The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, facebook or web page.

On the 13th February 1989 a wind speed record of 142 mph was recorded from the same place.

The wind is still howling round though it is now down to 30 plus.  Hate the wind.  It will be Sunday before I can brave the elements again and I am already stir crazy.  I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon so might be able to go look at the sea.

Stay safe.


lynney62 said...

Please stay safe! I live in a tornado zone...can handle heavy rain and hail but wind scares me to many older trees around my home...Hoping your "Caroline" softens a bit in the coming days!!

kjsutcliffe said...

We are below the full force of the storm, it was windy - but bearable, overcast and cool. Snow overnight but today it is still and beautiful and such a change fro the grot we have been suffering recently. Need to get out in it and actually see/feel sunshine on my face!

Rosie said...

Hope you are able to get through the storm safely. I do hate the wind but have never been in such high winds. Thinking of you.