Friday 15 December 2017


Here in the North East of Scotland we do have electricity.  It can be subject to frequent power cuts.  Due to the high winds.  We have a phone number to call which gives you an idea of when it is to be put back on.  (And also tells you that Ryan and Shaun are doing it. )
I dont care who is doing it so long as they are doing it.  We also get to be told as to why the fault has occurred.  Again I dont really care so long as it is fixed, but you do get the feeling they care...

We now have a kettle ready to sit on top of the wood burning stove and candles and torches also a telephone which does not rely on electricity to work.  The mobile phone does not work in the house.  Right.....Standing outside in a howling gale to find out why you have no electric is not really something I want to do.

Not far away in the North Sea are Gas thingys which bring in to the mainland - North East Gas.

There they are.  Every village round about was asked if they wanted gas.  There had to be a percentage of residents saying yes.  Well not many did.  So we do not have the option of gas.  Although you can have calor gas I believe.  But most of us have....oil tanks.  In our gardens.  

Again, the oil comes from the North Sea.

Currently my electricity provider is costing me £50 a month but even tho it is winter I am in credit.  This is down to me changing my electricity provider every year.  Fixed price and all that.  But, I send in a monthly meter reading and I am still in credit.

So that leaves me with the oil.  That heats the water and the central heating.  Last week our check on the levels in the oil tank showed it was just below half.  So I phoned and ordered a top up.  It was done within two hours.  I got the bill today.  735 litres cost us £344.59  that should last till Spring.  Nae bad.  

I did not walk today.  Wind, rain, freezing temperatures.  But we are warm.  So wish that everyone was.


Chris said...

That is interesting to hear what you pay for heating oil. We have gas here and with the sub zero temperatures we have had this week, I shudder to think what my monthly bill will be!

Scarlet said...

I submitted my readings last week. £100+ in credit with the gas, £34+ in credit with the electricity. I have been really cold today, so the heating has been on for longer than usual...I'm glad of that credit balance!