Friday, 22 December 2017

Ups and downs.

Internet still zooming, the best we have ever have had.  Tomorrow the high winds return so we shall see.  We also discovered this evening that Alex had not actually left us with a working telephone.  Our youngest phoned on the DPs mobile to say she had tried to phone us on the landline and no answering machine nothing.  So the DP  investigated and plugged us back in.

The DP went off this morning to finally see the Firecrest. And didnt.

He then took my car to the garage and had the new battery put in.  Which made the clock in the car go haywire.  Surprisingly it tells the right time but keeps 'flashing'?

I went for my walk to the Prom.

Another no hat day!

Not a lot happening.  Not much surf either.

And then when there was it was a wipe out.

Back home.  I watched the new bird feeders.  We had these given by the company Harbro where we do spend a lot of money buying bird food.  The fact that the feeders are larger than the ones we had makes one think does this mean we may not have to fill them so often?  I doubt it.

Great Tit.

Blue Tit.

Tree Sparrow waiting his turn.

Meanwhile the DP had returned to Strathbeg and still did not see the Goldcrest.  Very grumpy DP returned.

This evening we watched a taped Agatha Christie premiere - Crooked House.  I found it totally confusing. Not helped by a very old looking Terence Stamp and Glenn Close.  As a reader of all Agatha Christies books, repeatedly, I did not recognise this one at all.  It could be time to welcome in dementia.

To add to this we had a Christmas card from a neighbour who said how much she loved the card but had had to pay £2.00 to the post office for receiving same.  So I had put it into the pile for posting so the DP had posted it, when it should have been in the pile for hand delivery.  So for the post office to have delivered it was quite some achievement I thought.
Pam and John, Lonmay Old Manse.  No post code, no town......  Bring it on.

Bed time.

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