Saturday 9 December 2017

Super Saturday - possibly for some.

This morning.  Hmm. It continued to snow, or hail, all day.  The wind had dropped here, 3 miles from the coast.  But when the DP went to get the paper to our nearest local shop/post office, on the coast, it was still very windy on the coast.  

Our roads haven't been treated so I was forbidden to go out in the car.  

The man with the Labour Party leaflets was snowed in at Macduff, although that is on the coast but the roads out of Macduff to Fraserburgh were impassable.  So the leafleting was cancelled.  I think Super Saturday in the Broch has been a success, I do hope so.  Father Christmas was delivered by the Lifeboat anyway.

Tomorrow, according to the forecast, the wind will drop and it will be sunny, although still temperatures below freezing.  I just hope we get a gritter lorry then drivers struggling to get up the slight slope at the t junction by us will get a grip.  And so will I.

Sparrowhawk having breakfast in our garden.  One less Blackbird.  All the other birds fled, this Blackbird just froze on the ground.  It didnt work.....

So my walk today was down to the shedudio.

Watched the birds feeding.

Pen, ink and watercolour in 40 minutes, a Turnstone.  Enjoyed doing it but not one of the best!

My new pill, Ibandronic Acid 150mg tablet, has to be taken monthly.  I have made an executive decision not to take it tomorrow as I really want to go out and therefore not be felled by any odd side effects.  Gives me something to look forward to next week. .....  Bring it on.  


Sue in Suffolk said...

Stunning photos of sparrowhawk, usually only seen here as they whoosh through the garden frightening everything into the hedges

Chris said...

Good luck with your new pill. Isn't it awful to have to take something to alleviate the side effects of something else? Poor old crow!