Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Winter's Tale.

As with most people our snow continued during the night.  As we were eating our lunch we espied a snow plough/gritter.  Hooray!  I was allowed out.

When I arrive at the Prom and park.  Display the Blue Badge.  I then put into the pockets of my coat, mobile phone, in case, inhaler.  In the other pocket goes the camera.  I then get out of the car, stagger round to lift out the chariot from behind the passenger seat.  Use the inhaler.  Put on woolly hat and gloves.  Lock car.  Walk to the railings.  Get control of breathing.  This entails in through the nose, out through pursed lips.  It didnt work today.

Still below freezing the lungs did not want to know.

Managed a big smile to the surfer.

Who joined his mates.  

The Oystercatchers were enjoying the sun light.

As was I.

And a lone Black Headed Gull.

I decided to get back into the car. 

Back home and down to the shedudio.  The small birds were zooming in to the feeders and quickly zooming off and away.  Aware of predators looming.

This Robin has been very clever in getting onto the feeder!

This one is in the more usual place on the ground.  We have at least 3 Robins in the garden.

There is the shedudio, arrowed, in todays evening sunset.

More snow forecast overnight and into tomorrow.  

Despite the lung suffering today I aim to have another crack at visiting the beach tomorrow.  Stay safe everyone.


Lynda said...

Beautiful photos of snow, birds, sunset!

We have sun, heat, wind :( xx

Scarlet said...

Glad you managed to get out. I have to wear a scarf over my nose and mouth in cold weather to warm the air before I breathe it as breathing cold air triggers heart related chest pain in me.
Your last photograph is absolutely stunning!

BadPenny said...

No snow for us just gales.