Friday, 8 December 2017

Caroline no longer Sweet.

So the wind howls.  The snow has snowed.  The Hail has bounced.

My friend Muriel Dyga took a  photo from the Prom.

The main road from Fraserburgh towards Aberdeen.

Tomorrow is one of the monthly Super Saturdays.  This is a special one when Father Christmas arrives on the lifeboat.  Then tours in his sleigh.  And ends up at a local hostelry, the award winning Cheers Bar in the town.  And why not.  This year there was to be a free ice rink.  As the weather worsened it was to be inside a Marquee.  Well that was obviously not going to survive the wind speeds of Storm Caroline.  So .....

"Super Saturdays HQ would like to say a huge thank you to Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners for coming to our rescue and allowing us to use their fish market. A massive thanks to all the staff at the fish market for their help and cooperation. The fish market has never sparkled so much. You did a great job preparing it for us. It's yet another great example of the town pulling together."

The fishing boats cannot go out to fish in these winds, so there are no fish being brought back to the market.  So it is empty.

So the ice rink is now in the fish market, opened by F.C. and away we go!  There has been a shuttle bus set up which goes back and forth.  From the harbour up to the town centre so all the town shops still benefit.  If nothing else this has brought the community together.  Wonderful.  Hope it doesn't smell of fish.  But then who cares.

The DP will be there handing out leaflets from the Scottish Labour party.  The dreaded Universal Credit is coming to Fraserburgh.  What a state we are in.  Food banks for working people.  Shameful.  I was born in 1949.  This my first experience of food banks.  Unbelievable in 2017.  The Labour Party is trying to help and advise.  Our Tory M.P. refuses to respond to my emails.  

This is his response every time.  Are we living in a democracy?  I dont think so.

Thank you for your email. Please accept this automated response as acknowledgement that your email has been received. I hope you will find the information below helpful.
There is a strict Parliamentary rule that MPs can take up matters only on behalf of their own constituents. If you are a Banff and Buchan constituent and have not included your full name, address and telephone number, please resend your email with this information.

Which he already had.

I receive a large number of emails and letters each day and will deal with these in the order in which they are received. Wherever possible I will aim to reply within 10 working days.

If your email relates to a wider political issue on which an organised campaign group has asked you to write to your MP, this may take longer particularly if this is not on a matter specifically related to an issue experienced in Banff and Buchan. 
After much consideration l have reached the conclusion that Early Day Motions (EDMs) have, to some extent, become devalued as there are now so many of them. I do not therefore intend to sign even those with which I have the greatest sympathy.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

I give in.  Well, for now.


Mum said...

Somebody voted for him - I'm sure they won't do again if he sends out responses like that.

Scarlet said...

Same sort of response I get from my MP, who is also a Tory. Then I never hear from him again.
They are a reprehensible shower who make my blood boil.