Saturday, 2 December 2017

On my own.

For most of the day.  The DP was away before dawn with two pals to Aviemore.  Plan was to see Ptarmigan and Capercaillie.  Neither of which was seen by the DP.  But they had a good jaunt.

So I was on my own.  Managed to make my breakfast. Feed Sith cat his second breakfast.  I think I was conned there.  Then, as I like to have the newspaper with my lunch, I was off out at 11 a.m. as opposed to after lunch.

So, as I was near the beach I went for my walk.  The forecast was for fairly high winds, there was no wind at all.  The temperature was noticeably warmer.   Yippee.  No birds apart from some Cormorants.  But the minute you manage to focus on them they dive.....

This digger appeared.  On a Saturday?  At first I thought he was heading up the path of doom which when it has been very windy needs the sand clearing from the path and put back on to the Dunes.  

But he trundled off down the boardwalk and onto the beach.

I have no idea what he was doing or about to do.

Yesterday as I said the internet was appalling.  Thanks to Born and Bred for commenting positively for wireless broadband.  When we eventually get this sorted.  Wheels do not move fast in this part of the world.  

My visitor yesterday was a fellow artist and I had arranged to purchase another of her paintings.

This is the second one I have bought of hers.  So different.  Just love it.  Mary J. Torrance.

Here are both of my purchases up on the wall.

Tomorrow the DP is off to Aldi which is some distance away but has real Christmas Trees, 6 feet, the ones that dont drop the needles.  For £19.99.  Don't think we have ever bought a Christmas Tree this cheap.  We have the lights Mum.  And the tinsel.  First Saturday in December is the ritual, so we are a day late.  

And it wasnt dark enough for me to switch on the chariots lights when I walked today.

Plenty time.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that plate you bought. It reminded me of a plate I brought back from Russia a few years ago

Mum said...

Glad to hear that you are keeping up with the festivities! Go you.

justjill said...

Dear Weave, its not a plate, its a painting. x