Monday 11 December 2017

A new week and a new pill. What Joy.

So this morning I took the new pill, apparently this does things to my bones.

Ibandronic acid 150 mg may reverse bone loss by stopping more loss of bone and increasing bone mass in most women who take it, even though they won’t be able to see or feel a difference. Ibandronic acid 150 mg may help lower the chances of breaking bones (fractures). This reduction in fractures was shown for the spine but not for the hip.

So there you go.  The word I worry most about is 'may'.  Do they not KNOW?  If not why have I been given it.  Anyway - so far I have had none of the side effects listed.  I am no more depressed than at odd occasions I am and not nauseous.  Nor have I noticed any crumbling of bones.  So an improvement on the weekly pill.  I have to take this one monthly.  So 11th January marked on the calendar for the next one.

We did not have any more snow overnight.  But what we have had got more crisp.

I drove down to the beach this afternoon.  Fortunately the DP said he was coming too.  Because the whole car park and the Prom was a total sheet of ice.

The DP got the chariot out and brought it round to the driver side of the car.  I got out grabbed the chariot and headed for the railings.  One hand on the railings and one on the chariot I managed to move along a bit.

I managed to get a wee bit further.

Ah the Gull gang.

Here I come!  Made me smile.

Spirits uplifted.  

However, I then noticed a man and his dog.  The dog has twice as many legs as I have and it was struggling to stay upright.  At that point I returned to the car.  Had I not had the DP to put the chariot back into the car I would be down at the Esplanade still.

Here are some pics from the DP. A Rook on the Esplanade.

In our garden, a Chaffinch.

A Blue Tit.

A Coal Tit.

All looking forward to a better day tomorrow. 


kjsutcliffe said...

Your game going out on that ice rink! The rook have a good fettle made me smile :) Hope your new meds do what they are supposed to do :)

Eloise said...

I love your photographs

Chris said...

Super news about the new pill. Hope it is effective. DP`s bird photos are lovely although the rook looks rather bedraggled.

Hilary said...

I love that you go to the beach so much......what a lovely place.

BadPenny said...

Lovely photos. At last we have a crisp clear frosty morning here. What a magnificent rook, Jess and I visited the Tower of London last week and enjoyed watching the rooks.

justjill said...

Bad Penny. Your Rooks would have been Ravens if at the Tower of London x

Simple Living said...

Good news about your new pill.
Lovely to see the bird photos, we don't seem to get chaffinches here.