Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sweet Caroline.

Storm.  Is on her way.  Trains cancelled and buses and schools closed.  Must be quite a storm this one.  Due to hit tomorrow, although the way the wood burner is roaring it may have already started.

This afternoon I went to the beach.  Still high tide.  Not much wind today but a bit blustery.  But I coped.  I took the video as above and was taken by surprise by the fly past of Oyster Catchers.  That could have been a brilliant video but I did not have a film crew with me.  And it took me too long to realise I should have followed them rather than continue looking at the sea!

The DP was off in the morning to not see the elusive to him Firecrest.

Then to stock up on bird food for the garden birds.

I was away to the Promenade.  Will not be able to do it tomorrow due to the storm.

With the cloud formation one wonders what it portends.

Today's sunset.  All calm.

The Christmas lunches have begun.  So the first one I gave my apologies to was Wednesday Art Group's which was today.  I have been forbidden by the medical lot to get another chest infection.  Crowded , warm rooms are verboten.  Huh.  No Secret Santa this year then with something I didn't really want.  I am turning into Mrs Scrooge.

However I have now got to the letter R in my Christmas Card list.  There is hope I will get through all the angst of Christmas and Storm Caroline.  I shall report back tomorrow.


Chris said...

Don't feel bad about missing out on all the Christmas lunches - think of all the money you'll save! Not to mention too much dry turkey and soggy stuffing, that's what they serve here all through December. Having said that, I went to one last week (Chinese buffet) and will be at two next week, one of which I have selected salmon! This Sunday is the family outing to Swiss Chalet for their Festive Special.

kjsutcliffe said...

I am yet to write any cards ... best get a bit more organised.... We (eldest son and I) got back late-ish last night from our national trust volunteers festive dinner, still feel half asleep (can't party like I used to ha!) So that is two festive get togethers done , another one Saturday, then avoidance tactics will prevail - but there are some I can not excuse myself from!

rusty duck said...

Take care. I expect it will just be the usual rain here, which has started already. River is running very high this morning. And the wind!
Love the Firecrest.