Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Night before the night before Christmas.

The DP went off to battle through the hordes of Christmas shoppers... Well actually he went to our lovely butchers to collect the pre-ordered Goose, Pheasants and whatever else.  A lot of banter as the brace of Pheasants ordered there was only one.  So Gavin spoke to his sister at the other shop and asked, "How many makes a brace of pheasants?"  Sadly she did not know.  So more banter , "How many eggs in a dozen?"  Good fun ...

The DP then had to go to the other shop in a nearby village and collect the other pheasant!  

Very windy today, gusting up to 30 mph.  But it was warm, not windy.  So off I went.

I have no idea what was happening.  A bonding session?  There certainly was no surf.

Then they all swam to the other side of the bay and there was no surf there either.  But you can hear the wind!

So they gave up.

Meanwhile the rest of the beach, and the sea, was pretty empty.  This is about as far as I got as fighting the wind was making me very tired and I had all on to get back to the car.  

But I did.  Home again and down to the shedudio.  More birdwatching.  I am lacking in inspiration for any art so watched the birds.

This is Roger Rhinocerous.  With his Christmas tiara on.  Roger is actually a leather foot stool, but it is easier for the DP when doing the floors to have him off the floor.  When I bought Roger some years ago I sent a picture to the daughters.  One of whom thought it was the full size effort which costs thousands and accused me of spending their inheritance!  Roger did not cost anything like that and I still love him. And the daughter.

So all ready for Christmas.  One more gift to deliver tomorrow.  

Tomorrow the wind will have died down and I hope to be back walking a bit further than today.  I also hope my art inspiration returns as I feel as if I have lost a limb at the moment.  

Tomorrow, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..... Exciting int it.


Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to walk where you walk,, amazing veiw, so its goose and pheasant for your dinner,, sounds very good! Your art mojo will return,, when its ready,, take care ,, Happy Christmas

Ginger said...

Your home looks so cozy and warm with the woodstove blazing. I like your mantel. We have a woodstove but it is just sitting in the corner of the room, not recessed. No mantel. It is blazing here this evening, keeping us warm as freezing rain falls outside.

Gail, northern California said...

I am constantly amazed by your surfers. They must be in excellent health and fitness.

I hope your limb, and inspiration, returns because I so enjoy your art. Have you received any reaction to your beautiful Christmas card?

I love the wide variety of shore birds but I also enjoy your lighthouses.

Have a lovely Christmas, Just Jill. Your determination is a daily inspiration for me to get off my duff.

Simple Living said...

I love the idea of a shed for bird watching, this is on my list of musts for when we move again.

crafty cat corner said...

Happy Christmas Jill, keep trucking and painting, lol
Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful bird paintings in 2018.

Mum said...

Merry, merry, Christmas to you and yours.