Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Thankfully I remembered I had a hair appointment today for a cut and blow.  Good job I happened to check the diary.

So my ears have been lowered.  But the style was better before I pulled on the woolly hat to brave the 30 mph winds, rain snow and sleet and venture on to the prom.

Actually when I got to the prom after the hair do the sun was peeping out and I thought if I dont get a lungfull of sea air I will expire.  So I got out of the car.  The chariot had its first airing with the extra bling.  

But there were no people to see it!

Jeez it was cold.  As I had gone to the hairdressers where most of the customers are very well dressed and a lot more glamorous than I , I had not worn my waterproof, windproof trousers over my leggings.  So the legs gave up and went into spasms within minutes.  But I managed to get to the railings.

Over the railings on the beach there were the Oystercatchers.

One flock of.

And another, smaller, flock of Black Headed Gulls.  Sheltering.

And a supermarket trolley.

Sith cat is totally thrown by the change in the normal daily routine.

But from now on we are back. 

The whole of Scotland shuts down at New Year, unlike at Christmas when it is the day only.  But here we will carry on!


crafty cat corner said...

The reflection of the Oystercatchers look as though they are all standing on their own bit of rock, lol
Just got rid of the Grandson after 10 days, that's enough, lol
Got our first appointment with the Respiratory Clinic next week, hope they can give some useful advice.
Love the blinged up chariot.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your hair!!! You live in a most beautiful rugged place, I love it,, I'm the most unfancy dresser around and I could care less, warmth is upmost on my list its been minus 30 Celsius for three days and thats too cold lol,,Sith is very handsome!
Our city is 75,000, we are 8 hours from major cities and everything closes down for days here, nothing opens until the 27 of December then New years eve shops close early, then all closed again New Years day,,

kjsutcliffe said...

Hair looking good! Love Sith's put out look - so very cat!

janipi said...

A beautiful sky. Your hair is lovely as is your chariot. You were getting good fresh air while others were sat on the sofa. Somewhere that beautiful has to be good for you:)

DUTA said...

It looks like a good, professional haircut.
The photos of the oystercatchers and of the black cat are priceless.