Tuesday 12 December 2017

Nae a good day.

Quite an effort for me to get up and going today.  Eventually managed to wash and dress.  Should have done the Pulmonary exercises.  Tomorrow.

Very cold.  Cannot believe I sat and got colder without remembering at 9.30 a.m the heating goes off.  In between realising I did all my ablutions and washed hair without realising.  I then switched the heating back on.  No hope is there.

At lunch time the DP shot off to see the Firecrest.  Wee bird, disappeared by the time he got there.  But I realised that I would not be going down the Prom as I was feart to go on my own.  By the time the DP got back I was down the shedudio.  He fed my birds.  Then went back up to the house for his very late lunch.

It continues to be very cold.

I am trying to paint, pen and ink or whatever and being aware of the negative spaces.

 Not there yet by any means.


Lynn said...

Sounds a bit like my day. But tomorrow is another day and we will negotiate and conquer the negative spaces x

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have just had breakfast and drawn back the blinds - our snow (only a covering) has completely gone overnight.