Friday, 9 October 2020

Ups and Downs.

This morning I was down.  The DP called the surgery and the receptionist said she would speak to the doctor.   

I struggled with the carer washing me etc and drew the line at having my hair washed.  I couldn't face bending over the bath which cuts off my ability to breathe and the carer this morning is not one of the speedier ones!

Once I was washed, polished and dressed I sat in my chair and then my lovely paramedic landed who does the requests for a doctor visiting.  She checked me over and everything was fine.  I hadn't had a bp check for months.  She listened to my worries and she is to check where I am with the respiratory consultant.  Also promised to get someone to the house to do the blood taking for a blood test I am supposed to have regularly and haven't had for my liver function due to some of the medication I take.  She is also to arrange to have my thyroid checked as I am having feelings of boiling hot then freezing cold and each time my actual temperature when checked is normal.  She also said I should meet my friend down the shed as not seeing her was damaging my mental health.

She left.  I was UP.  Then the Postie came and both the DP and I have letters inviting us for the flu jab at the local academy on Monday.  I think its half term.

Images from last night.

The DP did the shopping and then we went to the Prom.

Windy and wet.

Off shore wind.

No Surf School today.

Sky was black all around.  I got out of the car to the railings.  There was a brief cessation of rain.  Brief.  The DP did walk.

Pied Wagtail and Blackheaded Gull came near.

Back home and a double rainbow ending at the Shedudio.



vic said...

What a gorgeous rainbow. Love it. Thanks goodness for your paramedic----someone actually listening to you and doing something positive about all those missed checkups. Hurrah!

Sooze said...

That last picture is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you've been seen by the paramedic and she's getting things moving for you. Glad you're having the flu jab too.

fi said...

Beautiful photo of the double rainbow!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Obviously lots of treasure in your Shedudio!
Good to hear you are getting some checks done

mamasmercantile said...

Thrilled you were able to get your medical issues sorted and that you finally have an appointment for the flu jabs. Nice to know that you can go ahead and meet your friend. Take care.

crafty cat corner said...

I think I'm qualified to say that I know how you feel. Tom is gradually getting shorter of breath and has had to put his oxygen up a bit. He's getting a bit grouchy sometimes as I think he is angry over the whole thing. As you know he has never smoked and we and the Dr have no idea where this came from.
It's distressing for both of us as it is for you two. I hate to see him struggling to breath and like you he can't bend over to pick things up etc.
Some days we laugh and others we cry, literally with frustration as nobody seems to really care. We have had appointments cancelled with the team and have only talked on the phone.
As I just said to Sooze, jigsaws are out saviour, we sit and do them and everything seems to calm down.
Every day is different so I hope today is a better one for you Jill,

Jules said...

I'm sorry you're down. Hoping you've been feeling a little brighter today.
The rainbow photograph is beautiful. X

Jan said...

Blood pressure monitors can be bought at your local pharmacy so you can easily check it at home, they don't cost very much.

Bovey Belle said...

Everyone has already said what I meant to! I love that double rainbow - hope you have found your pot of gold already : )

Our flu jabs are booked now and we are to go to a non-surgery setting for it - I passed the building this week, so know where we are going.

Glad you had your paramedic out and she was helpful AND told you to meet up with your friend.

Jean said...

I love the rainbow. I am glad you had somebody sensible visit you to sort out your worries.