Tuesday 27 October 2020


Carer morning.  I have struggled today.  So did not have hair washed.  Rest of me squeaky clean. Its not as if I go down the pit is it.

No visitors last night only the unwelcome ones.  Rat.  So no food going out til Samuel Whiskers is gone.  

Bitterly cold again.  I shall just have to get used to it.  Cold air does not help the lungs.  So the walk was to the railings and then back to the car.

Some boats.

 Tiger Hill.

Rocks by the caravan site.

Bird life - one of the main reasons I love the Prom.

The DP took a lot of the photos today including this.  A different view point as he walked!


Terra said...

That was fun to see your comment on my blog recently. Your photos are especially dramatic today, they would make nice posters or note cards.

The Furry Gnome said...

Do you know how the WeaverofGrass is doing?

Marjorie said...

The last pix completely changed my mind's eye view of the Prom. I had no idea it was so developed. However I do want the little place on the far right of the pix. Pure heaven. Thanks for the Robin pix. I love those little Robins though have never seen one in real life. Our Robins in North America are members of the Thrush family, quite a different bird except for the red breast. Hugs.

busybusybeejay said...

Great photos again.Until I saw Saving lives at Sea I thought Fraserborough was a very small place but we obviously see your just small corner of it.Quite a shock.

Jackie said...

What wonderful bird pictures. You and your Hubby are very good with a camera.

Yuck, a rat. That is one visitor I hope we never get.

God bless.

crafty cat corner said...

Love the Robin in flight, clever to catch that.