Monday 5 October 2020

Monday again

The challenge this week.   Get my paintings sorted for the Art trail.

Almost done.  Tomorrow morning will be done and dusted.

De clutter bedroom.  Ongoing sadly.  Although I do have an empty chair.  Clothes all hung and in the wardrobe thanks to my carer who really enjoyed herself.  Whatever turns you on.

Two of the cats who visit in the night.  None look to be starving.  The Badgers also visited but the trail camera had misted up.

Today was the funeral of our neighbour.

Due to the pandemic we couldn't attend the funeral, nor the burial.  But all of the neighbours stood out on the road and watched the cortege pass by on its way to the cemetery and to show our respect.

The DP and I stood in a gateway looking across to our house.  The cortege due to come up the road at the side of our garden, turn left and head for the cemetery which it duly did.  By which time we were frozen.  In the first pic you can see our lovely Postie.  As everyone was at the bottom of their drives he got round a lot faster today!

Then it as to the Prom.

A Rainbow.  Over the Surf School kids.

Parents watching.

I walked.  Met a snail.

Bit blurry.

I could see the black skies moving towards me so I got back and into the car.  Then it bounced down.  So loud I thought it was hail.

I have had another of my paintings framed which my framer delivered, Tradespeople are allowed into your home.  He had a mask on plonked the work he had done and left.  Surreal.

Hope you are all ok.  Speak tomorrow.  I get me clean and the house.  Way too much excitement.  Oh and that is not by the same people!


crafty cat corner said...

Fingers crossed that you sell a few paintings, that would be great. Spur you on to do more.

Jackie said...

Good luck with your art, not that you need it as you are so very talented.

The water still looks fairly rough.

God bless.

The Furry Gnome said...

We have spring and fall art tours here too which we used to enjoy until I ended up in a wheelchair! My mother was an artist, a style not too different than your own.

Sooze said...

Oh Jill, your last sentence did make me laugh!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Jill - hope your paintings sell well.